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What Exactly is Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

16th September 2021

Here at Anglian Bespoke Corrugated and Packaging Ltd, we swear by corrugated cardboard. We know from experience that cardboard is one of the most popular materials for packaging, so it must be good. Our packaging is made from corrugated cardboard and created into bespoke solutions for a variety of businesses. We thought it would be helpful to explain the fundamentals behind corrugated cardboard packaging, to show you why it is the perfect material for your business.

What is a Corrugated Cardboard?

Put simply, corrugated cardboard makes up the walls of cardboard packaging. The cardboard is arranged in a specific pattern to give strength to both the inside and the outside of the box. This pattern is a concertina, zig-zag and is usually made up of 3 layers of paper. These layers of paper are fixed together by an adhesive, giving it qualities such as:

  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendliness 
  • Protectiveness
  • Cost-effectiveness

All of which makes it the perfect material for transporting goods!

What is it Used For?

It is a common misconception that cardboard and corrugated cardboard are used for the same things. You can do this, but you may find that regular cardboard can’t hold the same weight that corrugated cardboard could. You will find cardboard in common day objects such as cereal boxes, whereas corrugated cardboard is used for heavier loads that need more of a protective layer. You wouldn’t send a mug to your Grandmother in a cereal box, but you would use corrugated cardboard to make sure it arrived in one piece. 

The beauty of corrugated cardboard is the layers it uses, these layers make it possible to change the strength of the box depending on the object being sent. For example, for a more lightweight object to be packaged, a smaller layer can be used if a larger object was being packaged, this would require some additional layers.

Why do we Swear by it?

Well, if it isn’t obvious by now, we swear by corrugated cardboard. It is strong, interchangeable and can package almost anything you can imagine. But the main reason we love it? It’s recyclable! Corrugated cardboard is a biodegradable material, meaning it deteriorates over time. We always suggest recycling your cardboard, but for a quicker decomposition process tear your corrugated cardboard into smaller pieces.

We love creating different shape and sized packaging for a variety of different products. For bespoke corrugated cardboard packaging that is strong enough to hold and safely transfer your product, contact us today on 01603 873 100 for a discussion on how we can help you.