Anglian Bespoke Corrugated & Packaging Limited
Conditions of Sale

  1. Definitions
    In these conditions:-
    1.1 The “Company” means Anglian Bespoke Corrugated & Packaging Limited.
    1.2 The “Purchaser” means the other party to a contract.
    1.3 “Contract” means any Contract between the Company and the Purchaser for the supply of goods.
    1.4 “Goods” means the subject matter of a Contract.
  2. General
    2.1 Conditions Prevailing
    Contracts, quotations and orders are entered into, made or accepted subject to the Company’s Conditions of Contract as herein printed. The Company’s
    Conditions of Contract shall not be deemed to have been altered, modified or varied save as mutually agreed by both the Company and the Purchaser in
    writing. If these Conditions differ in any respect from those of any offer made or order placed by the Purchaser this document does not constitute an
    acceptance of such offer or order by a counter offer. The giving by the Company of any delivery instructions for the Goods or any part thereof, or the
    acceptance by the Purchaser of delivery of the Goods or any part thereof, or any other conduct of the Purchaser in confirmation of any transaction shall
    constitute an unqualified acceptance by the Purchaser of these conditions.
    2.2 Headings
    The headings of the clauses in these Conditions shall be disregarded when interpreting the clauses.
  3. Quotations
    Subject and without prejudice to clause 2 hereof quotations are issued by the Company on the basis that they are subject to amendment from time to
    A quotation is not an offer (and may be withdrawn without notice) and an order given in respect of a quotation is not binding on the Company until
    accepted by it in writing.
  4. Prices
    All quotations, estimated and prices issued by the Company are unless otherwise stated, based on current cost of production (materials, hours and
    wages) and are subject to amendment on or after acceptance to meet any recognised rise or fall in such costs (such amendment to be at the complete
    and exclusive discretion of the Company). Prices quoted are based on the stated delivery requirements and any variation to this requirement may result
    in an adjustment to the price.
  5. Government Taxes or Levies
    Any variation to prices quoted as a result of Government taxes and levies will be for the Purchaser’s account.
  6. Quantities
    6.1 The quantity of the Goods actually delivered may vary from the quantities specified in the Contract and a variation of not more than plus or minus ten
    percent from such quantities shall not constitute a failure to perform a Contract. In the event of there being any surplus or shortage the invoice sum will
    be adjusted accordingly. Any statement in the contract as to the quantity of Goods delivered shall not have the effect so as to vary the preceding
    provisions of this clause.
    6.2 Dimensions will be subject to normal industry tolerances of plus or minus five millimetres.
    6.3 If the material specified by the Purchaser is not available at the time of manufacture then material of a similar strength may be substituted without
    reference to the Purchaser
    6.4 Any materials supplied by the Company to the Purchaser will be in accordance with the Company’s list of specifications.
    6.5 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, manufacture and delivery is to be in one lot.
    6.6 The total liability of the Company in respect of all breaches of Contract in relation to the Goods shall not exceed the invoice price of the goods.
    6.7 The Purchaser shall not be entitled by reason of any claim against the Company to withhold payment of the price of the Goods or to claim any right of
    set-off against any payment due to the Company under a Contract.
    6.8 All conditions, warranties, terms, undertakings and obligations implied by statue common law custom trade usage or otherwise (except those implied by
    Section 12 of the Sales of Goods Act 1979, but including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any implied conditions warranty or
    undertaking as to correspondence of the Goods with the Contract description given) and warranties of merchantable quality or fitness of any particular
    purpose are hereby wholly excluded.
  7. Time of Delivery
    7.1 The Company shall deliver the Goods to the place stated in the Contract or if reasonable notice shall be given to any other place reasonably specified by
    the Purchaser and the Goods should be treated as delivered when they are delivered to that place. The question whether or not the said notice or
    specification is reasonable shall be subjectively decided by the Company.
    7.2 Delay In Delivery
    Delivery commitments are entered into in good faith, but the Company shall not be liable for delay in delivery unless the time of delivery is stated to be
    guaranteed when its sole liability shall be for any damages specified in the Contract.
    7.3 Off-Loading
    It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that adequate facilities exist for off-loading and warehousing of the Goods. In the event of lack of such
    facilities causing unnecessary delay to a vehicle, the Company reserves the right to charge demurrage or additional delivery charge at their absolute
  8. Claims
    8.1 Any claims for loss, damage or non-delivery, must be lodged with the company within fourteen days of the earlier of either the receipt of the goods or
    receipt of the Invoice. No such claim will be considered by the Company unless the signature of the Purchaser on the delivery note is appropriately
    8.2 Third Party Carrier Complaints
    If any such complaint relates to the delivery of Goods by a third party carrier, then the complaint must be lodged within the time limit set by that carrier.
    8.3 Complaints Re: Quality
    In the event of a complaint about the quality of the Goods , the Company has the option of refunding the purchase consideration or replacing the Goods
    free of charge. In the latter event the purchaser shall permit the Company to retake possession of the Goods originally delivered and the Company shall
    deliver the replacement Goods within a reasonable time. The replacement Goods shall be accepted by the Purchaser in substitution for its rights in
    respect of the Goods replaced. In no circumstances will the Company have any liability for any incidental or consequential loss or damage whatsoever
  9. Pallets
    All pallets remain the Company’s property and must be returned in good condition free of charge.
  10. Payment Due Date
    10.1 Save as set out in paragraph 10.2 below, the Purchaser shall pay for each instalment of Goods delivered to him within thirty days of the end of the month
    in which delivery is made and as though each instalment was delivered under a separate Contract.
    10.2 Overdue Payments
    In the event that the Company stores Goods (here meaning Goods which form a part or the whole of the subject matter of a contract) at the request of the
    purchaser the Company shall be at liberty to render an invoice in respect of those Goods at any time in which case the Purchaser will pay for the Goods
    the subject of such invoice within seven days from and including the date of the invoice.
  11. Passing of Property and Risk
    11.1 The Purchaser acknowledges that before entering into a Contract for the purchaser of any Goods from the company he has expressly represented and
    warranted that he is not insolvent and is not bankrupt, or being a Company with limited or unlimited liability, knows of no circumstances which would
    entitle any debenture holder or secured creditor to appoint a receiver or administrative receiver, to petition for winding-up of the Company or exercise any
    other rights over or against the Company’s assets.
    11.2 Goods shall be at the risk of the Purchaser as soon as they are delivered by the Company to his vehicles or his premises or otherwise to his order. The
    Purchaser must keep the Goods insured against all usual perils including specifically theft, fire, malicious damage, riot and civil commotion until such time
    as property in the Goods passes to the Purchaser.
    11.3 Goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Company as legal and equitable owner until such time as the Purchaser shall have paid to the
    Company the agreed price.
    11.4 The Purchaser acknowledges that he is in possession of any Goods solely as bailee for the Company until such time as the full price thereof is paid to the
    11.5 Until such time as the Purchaser becomes the owner of the Goods, he will store them on his premises separately from his own goods or those of any
    other person and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as the Goods or the Company.
    11.6 The Purchaser’s right to possession of the Goods shall cease if he, not being a company, becomes bankrupt or if he, being a company, does anything or
    fails to do anything which would entitle a receiver or administrative receiver to take possession of any assets or which would entitle any person to present
    a petition for winding-up or in either case enters into an arrangement or composition for the benefit of its creditors or suffers any distress or execution to
    be levied on its goods. The Company may, for the purpose of recovery of it’s Goods, enter upon any premises or vehicles where they are stored or where
    they are reasonably thought to be stored and may repossess the same.
    11.7 Subject to the terms hereof, the Purchaser is licensed by the Company to process the Goods in such a fashion as he may wish and/or incorporate them in
    or with any other product or products, subject to the express condition that the new product or products or any other chattel whatsoever containing any
    part of the Goods shall be separately stored and marked so as to be identifiable as being made from or with the Goods being the property of the
    11.8 If Goods the property of the Company are admixed with Goods the property of the Purchaser or are processed with or incorporated therein, the product
    thereof shall become and/or shall be deemed to be the sole and exclusive property of the Company. If goods the property of the Company are admixed
    with Goods the property of any person other than the Purchaser or are processed with or incorporated therein, the product thereof shall become or shall
    be deemed to be owned in common with that other person.
    11.9 The Purchaser shall be at liberty to agree to sell on any product produced from or with the Company’s Goods on the express condition that such an
    Agreement to sell shall take place as agents and bailees for the Company whether the intending Buyer sells on his own account or not and the entire
    proceeds thereof are held in trust for the Company and are not mingled with any other monies and shall at all times be identifiable as the Company’s
    11.10 If the Purchaser has not received the proceeds of any such sale he will, if called upon to do so by the Company, within seven days thereof assign to the
    Company all rights against the person or persons to whom he has supplied any product or chattel made from or with the Company’s Goods.
  12. Force Majeure
    The Company shall have no liability for delay in performance or non-performance of the Contract directly caused by fire, impact, explosion, adverse
    weather conditions or ground movement, labour trouble or shortage, hostilities, civil disturbance, act of any Government, inability to obtain energy or
    suitable components, material, equipment or transportation, services, act of God or any matter arising from causes beyond the control of the Company.
  13. Notices
    Notices under a Contract shall be served personally or by pre-paid recorded delivery post at the address of the party specified in the Contract. A posted
    notice shall be deemed to have arrived thirty-six hours after it was posted. Whenever the last day of giving notice falls on a weekend or a bank holiday
    the time for giving such notice shall be extended to the next working day.
  14. Cancellations
    Cancellation of orders in whole or in part cannot be accepted without the Company’s consent in writing and will be accepted, if at all, on the basis that the
    Purchaser indemnifies the Company in respect of all losses, costs and expenses incurred by the Company up to the date upon which the company
    accepts the Purchaser’s notice of application.
  15. Agreement Between Parties
    15.1 Entire Agreement
    These conditions constitute the entire and only agreement between the Company and the Purchaser in respect of the supply of Goods and any
    representation, affirmation of fact, promise or condition in connection therewith, or custom or usage of the trade not incorporated herein shall not be
    binding on either party. In particular no drawing, catalogue, advertisement or brochure supplied to the Purchaser and no statement or description made
    by the Company’s agents or employees shall be deemed to form part of the Contract.
    15.2 Variation of terms
    No waiver, alteration or modification of these Conditions shall be valid unless in writing and signed by a Director of the Company.
  16. Agency
    Unless previously disclosed to the Company the Purchaser will be deemed to be acting as principal and not as agent.
  17. Conditions Applied to Subsequent Contracts
    The Conditions contained herein shall apply to any and every course of dealing between the Company and the Purchaser unless varied in accordance
    with the Conditions hereof.
  18. Waiver
    No waiver, temporary relaxation or breach of these Conditions shall be deemed to be a modification thereof and the Purchaser shall not be entitled to rely
    on any such waiver or relaxation as evidence of permanent modification of the terms hereof.
  19. Data Protection Act 1998
    We wish to advise all our Sole Trader customers that data regarding their business will be transferred to our financiers for the purpose of our obtaining
    sales ledger finance.
  20. Law and Arbitration
    These conditions and any Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.