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Top Packaging Trends

18th August 2022

When choosing packaging for your product there’s many factors to consider. Will you be shipping your product across the country or even internationally, ensuring your item arrives safe and sound is critical to your customers experience with your brand. Perhaps your business has high end products that require thoughtful packaging to further promote your businesses brand message. Even down to the size of your box and if it will fit through letterboxes or easily stack when in your stockroom or delivery van. We’re here to ensure every question is thought through and considered, before going to print. 

Trends come and go so it’s important to consider this when deciding on your packaging however some trends are important to consider to stay on top of the game and inline with your competitors. Aligning your business with sustainable packaging, and keeping your customers at the forefront of your mind will always be ‘on trend’.


Sustainability can help encourage customers to choose your products over your competitors, as well as create brand loyalty with those wanting to keep their eco footprint low. 

Your business’s sustainable ethos shouldn’t just stop at your packaging. Consider how your items are packaged: could the packaging be smaller so more parcels can fit into the delivery van, or what materials do you use to protect your item are these also easily recycled. You could even print hints and tips on how to reuse your packaging for other uses further encouraging the purchaser to go the extra mile to reuse your packaging, extending it’s life before it moves on to be repurchased at the recycling centre.

Pledge to help climate change with other aspects of your business such as electric cars and raising awareness within your local community on how to make a difference to the planet. 

Here at ABC Pack our pledge to climate change means we’re keen to help other businesses move towards more eco friendly boxes. All our materials are FSC Certified meaning its sourced from managed forests with diverse trees planted in larger numbers than those harvested. We solely supply corrugated cardboard which is fully recyclable and reusable. In fact, every purchase you make from us has a positive impact on the environment. We work with Ecologi to plant a tree each time a customer buys from us, to date we have planted 3605. 

The full experience 

Packaging can play a huge role in your customers’ experience. Is your current packing difficult to open, do you have to fight to get to your product, are scissors required to simply unveil your item. Or could you simply work with our team to create an ingenious opening system to make your customers life easier and create a more pleasant experience when unboxing. 

You may be aware of ASMR, with unboxing videos racking up millions of views. Creating easy fold closing, or use tabs to make the consumers life easier allowing them to simply pull a tab rather than racing to the kitchen to find a knife to get to their newly purchased item. 
Creating an immersive experience will leave your customer wanting more, and perhaps even shout about it on social media, thus creating even more marketing opportunities. 

E commerce packaging 
Purchasing everything from the latest tech to fresh food deliveries direct to your door has never been easier. During the past year e commerce skyrocketed due to shops being forced to close allowing for businesses to capitalise on online ordering. According to studies by IMRG Capgemini sales grew 74% year-on-year in January 2021. 

Whatever your shipping it’s important to consider every step of the journey from how you’ll attach the shipping details, is your item compatible with making the most of creating packaging that will slide through letterboxes allowing customers to easily receive their items without staying in to receive their parcel. Or if you’re shipping large items, how will you house your packing before shipping and how will the courier team handle your goods. If your items are breakable consider incorporating arrows or messages to the courier team to encourage them to keep your item safe. Depending on your business you could use playful messages to give the courier a smile whilst out on delivery.

Whatever your business, it’s important to keep up to date with changes within your industry, what are your competitors doing, and how do they utilise packaging. Perhaps they haven’t yet, which is where you can be a market leader. Our professional team is always on hand to ensure you get the best from your packaging. If you’ve got an item you need packaging for, or if you’ve got an idea you’d like to see through to fruition then contact us today on 01603 873 100.