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Top Packaging Mistakes

28th October 2022

Top Packaging Mistakes 

Packaging plays a huge role in retail business. From retail ready packaging to outer delivery boxes and everything in between, it’s important that your packaging attracts your target audience as well as protecting your products. Whether you’re a brand new start up, or a national brand looking to update your packaging, selecting the correct packaging solution for your needs can be easier said than done.

Let’s explore the top 3 packaging woes to avoid you spending precious time and money on ineffective packaging. 

1.Packaging mismatching with your brand

All too often packaging is left as an afterthought. Whilst off the shelf solutions can work for certain needs, if you have a unique product you’re likely to need bespoke packaging. If your business plan includes selling more, reducing overall costs and preventing damage, then working together to develop the perfect packaging solution for you and your business is the best way forward. 

2. Neglecting eco friendly packaging 

It’s important to consider green packaging, and no we don’t mean the colour green! Sustainability should be key to any new packaging solutions, with many eco friendly consumers led by brands who have embraced sustainable packaging, you may well find a whole new audience. However, reducing your carbon footprint should also be an important factor when choosing your packaging. Here at ABC we’re proud to ensure that all of our products are made from fully recycled cellulose fibre, partially recycled cellulose fibre or a combination of both. They are all 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. 

3. Using ineffective packaging

Ill fitting packaging can lead to numerous problems, not least the fact that your product could end up getting damaged in transit, but it can also lead to a negative customer experience. Customers finding themselves with lots of surplus packaging as a result of an overly large box, not only costs more to ship but can leave the customer frustrated if they are expecting a larger item. In the event of a product requiring additional support, this is where our handy dividers and inserts come in, these are simple low tech cardboard pieces that fit neatly into your box. Bespoke to you and your product, we’ll never let you run out of inserts.

Now you know how to avoid a packaging faux pas, we’re here to help. We spend time talking directly to our clients so that we can work together to understand your requirements in order to find the perfect solution for your business’s needs. Call us today on 01603 873100.