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Time to ditch plastic packaging?

26th July 2022

At ABC we’re proud to only work with eco-friendly packaging, our corrugated cardboard solutions span a diverse range of packaging. From corrugated pallets to ship bulky products globally to dividers and inserts to ensure even the most delicate of items is always protected.

Why choose corrugated packaging over plastic?

Cardboard packaging is well known for its recyclability, but did you know it’s also biodegradable and sustainable. All our products contain either partially recycled or fully recycled fibber or a combination of both. When virgin fibre is used, we ensure it is fully FSC certified – this means the product is sourced from managed forests with a diverse range of trees are planted in higher numbers than harvested

Not only is it easily recyclable and renewable but cardboard packaging can be reused, many corrugated packaging styles are specially designed to be collapsible making them easier to store for convenience to business owner’s storage solutions.

Customisable cardboard packaging

When designing your packaging it’s important to consider every aspect from initial designs to the final product. Innovative design might not spring to mind when you think of corrugated cardboard, but that’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking to transport single eggs to thousands of homes or creating cost effective packaging to transport car doors safely across the country, we’ll help you solve your challenges.

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