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The Pros and Cons of Branded Packaging

16th November 2021

Branded packaging is more than just the outside of the box, it is also the size and shape of the package itself. Standard packaging, such as plain cardboard boxes and paper envelopes are available to anyone and everyone, but packaging that breaks the boundaries of the traditional shapes and sizes as well as featuring a striking design is what makes branded packaging stand out from the pile. Below we have listed some of what we believe to be the pros and cons of branded packaging.

Pros of branded packaging:

  1. Brand recognition – One of the main advantages of having branded packaging is the brand recognition that comes from it. Unwrapping a branded package can create a buzz around not only the item itself but ultimately the brand overall, some even go as far as unpacking their item on their social media because the packaging is so striking, creating a larger brand reach and therefore recognition.
  2. Professional appearance – Branded packaging will often come in a sturdier material than the standard cheaper alternative. This means that there is less chance of damage occurring on the journey the parcel takes from the business to the consumer, and when it arrives it will be in pristine condition maintaining that professional appearance. 
  3. Enhances experience – It may not seem it but the unboxing experience is an essential part of the unpackaging. Customers appreciate the effort a company has taken to package their item, this can make the difference between a customer returning or not.
  4. Company trust building – There is nothing that screams trust like a well recognised branded package, for example when a parcel from Amazon arrives it is instantly identified and trusted just from the simple curved arrow. Bringing a branded recognition to your packaging can build trust with customers reassuring them that they know exactly what they are receiving.

Cons of branded packaging:

  1. Additional design cost – It’s true that branded packaging can be a little more costly than the standard option as the process includes the added design quote. But we believe that it is worth every penny and promotes an extra sense of quality.
  2. Requires time – Going for a branded packaging option will require more time to produce because of the extra steps and care put into making sure the packaging is exactly right for its purpose.
  3. Requires experience – Although this is listed as a con for some as it can be hard to maintain, it is actually a pro for us. It is important to us here at ABC Packaging that any branded packaging we produce is bespoke to each business and fits exactly to the product they need it for. This requires a lot of brainstorming, trial and some error but that’s where the experience comes in!

With 60 years of experience in the industry, we have skills required to design and produce the perfect packaging for all brands and products whatever the size and shape. We believe a parcel is nothing without the box it arrives in and in a world full of boxes make sure yours stands out with a distinguishable branded design. Think outside the box and brand your packaging, for a discussion on how we can work together contact us today on 01603 873 100.