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Our mission to offset c02 and more.

7th December 2020

Off setting our c02 and more.

At ABC, we decided creating eco friendly packaging wasn’t enough and that we as a company had an opportunity to do so much more for the environment. With a few small steps we are able to make a big contribution to helping climate change, and you could too. 

Whilst we’re always looking to create more innovative ways to create cardboard alternatives to plastic, we also wanted to do more. Which is why we joined Ecologi and Treeaid to help our fight against climate change, our aim is to soon become a carbon neutral company. With every box we make, we offset it by planting trees. 

We’re proud to say we have had the chance to positively impact our staff and their family members, the environment and community by making changes to our business, therefore we have decided to take our own small actions to help combat climate change and environmental topics. 

The total C02 we use as families, as a trading office and as a service business is all calculated and in turn we will be planting trees to absorb this level of C02 from now on.

With 2 electric cars already in use at ABC Pack, we’re looking forward to providing all our staff with electric vehicles for personal and business use by September 2021. 

When you order packaging from us you’re not only providing recyclable packaging for your customers, but you’re helping a wider cause, if you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing as a company to combat climate change click here.