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New year, new branding

11th January 2021

Packaging just needs to protect your product? Wrong! If this is your mindset then we’re here to help you take your packaging to the next level. Product packaging plays a huge role in how consumers interact with your brand. Done correctly your product will excel against your competitors products making you their first choice when purchasing. 

Why is packaging so important?

  • It differentiates your product from others. 

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, we understand that deciding how to best package your new or existing product can be a daunting process which is exactly why we have a ‘Yes we can’ service. 

From shipping a single egg without it cracking or searching for inventive ways to stand out from the crowd. If they are purchasing your product in store or online, your packaging will be the first thing they see, conveying the correct message before they even pick up your product is importa 

  • Packaging sway purchase habits 

The colour of your product packaging can instantly change how a consumer perceives your brand. It’s important to study the demographics of your brand’s audience to ensure you understand what they would appreciate. 

  • Marketing tool

Packaging is a great way to market your product. Brands such as Tiffany and co have become household names through their clever use of packaging. Their ‘‘little blue boxes’ have become iconic, the unusual robin egg blue shade was carefully chosen based on fashion trends of the era, and has since been trademarked with it’s own Pantone code 1837 – the year the company was founded 

Influencers have also carved out a unique opportunity to sell to potential consumers with their ‘unboxing’ videos. Creating an experience for your customer to excite them whilst opening your product will make them and their viewers highly likely to purchase from your brand.

  • It differentiates your product from others. 

Creating sustainable packaging should be at the forefront of your company’s mind, with around 40% of plastic used in packaging creating 2.4 million tonnes of waste each year, it’s important to consider what happens to your package once it’s been opened.

Using eco friendly packaging is a good start, here at ABC we only produce packaging made from partially recycled or fully recycled fibre or a combination of both – if virgin fibre is used we ensure it is fully FSC certified, this means the product is sourced from managed forests.

Simply call our team if you’re looking for advice on packaging, we’re always here to help.