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How To Achieve Eco-Friendly Business Packaging

27th August 2021

Taking that step to eco-friendly packaging for your business products is all the rage in our current climate. Several years ago, this forward thinking was very niche with only a few companies on board. As we’re now fully aware of the damage plastic and other packaging materials are doing to our planet, it is more likely that customers will look for a sustainable option when ordering from your website. So now is the time to think about how you can achieve better, eco-friendly packaging for your business. To help you out, we have created a step by step guide on how to approach this.

  1. Think Dimensions

The first thing to consider when determining what sort of packaging you need is your product. Which may sound obvious, but the size of your packaging may change. This is dependent upon factors such as the amount of padding needed to protect your product and the different sizes your product is available in. Once you have figured out how many packaging options you require, you can get to work on designing a box that is consistent in design, but also uses the least amount of materials possible. 

  1. Keep on Brand

It can be exciting, designing and creating packaging that will take steps to help the environment. But don’t forget that while switching to an eco-friendly state, you need to remember that you are still trying to promote your business and not lose those all important brand values. It is important to leave customers with a good brand experience, as customers are opening their package, does the packaging communicate your brand message? This can be done through adding logos, colours and a shape that is going to magnify your overall business mission.  

  1. Sample, Sample, Sample

Once you have decided on the size and design of your packaging you are going to have to find someone to make them for you. Due to the increasing awareness of the benefits and necessity for eco-friendly packaging, lots of companies are offering this service. This means that there are a number of places to sample your packaging from, to make sure the packaging is the right fit for your business. Some companies may require you to place a small order to test the product, this may seem pointless but in the long run this will be worth it as you can then be sure you have chosen the right packaging for your brand. 

Here at ABC we are quick to provide you with a finished sample once the design has been discussed and approved. We believe this is important to make sure that you are happy with the product, and to request any last minute changes and refinements. 

  1. Feedback

It is finally time to send out your packaging to customers! It is handy to include a little feedback form or a way for customers to let you know information, such as how the packaging held up when transported and if they were happy with it. You may get the odd complaint, but take that on board. The only way to improve your service is to listen to feedback and action any negative comments.

We are proud to use corrugated cardboard as an alternative to plastic packaging here at ABC, and we love working with our clients to produce recyclable packaging alternatives for their business, with the added benefit of it being bespoke. We will happily sit down and discuss the best options for your business, making sure the packaging is suited uniquely to your brand. If you require eco-friendly corrugated cardboard packaging that is bespoke to your business then please contact us today on 01603 873 100.