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Debunking eco packaging myths

12th January 2022

Businesses are turning to sustainable packaging for a multitude of reasons, from reducing their carbon footprints, increasing sales and incorporating it into their corporate social responsibility plans. 

Sustainable packaging can be anything from reducing packaging materials, using eco friendly materials and being considerate of every section in the creation of the packaging. Using VOC (free inks eliminates the release of greenhouse gases, this in turn is another contributing factor to creating truly eco friendly packaging. 

Sustainable packaging is ‘boring’. 

When you think of eco-friendly packaging you might instantly think of brown boxes with green elements of design, from recycling icons.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

All of our boxes are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Everything we produce is recyclable and made using renewable sources, meaning that you can count on your business’s carbon footprint being reduced when you switch to corrugated cardboard packaging.

Retail Ready Packaging

If you’re a brand looking to sell more products whilst reducing packaging costs and preventing damage. then shelf ready boxes could be the way forward. This packaging needs to be easily identifiable, ensuring store staff and consumers alike can quickly identify your product. Typically, these boxes are quick and easy to pull open without compromising the strength of the product, whilst also maintaining shape to remain on shelves.

We understand that choosing the correct style of packaging can be daunting, which is why we will work closely together with you to ensure that you get the perfect packaging for your product. Contact a member of our team today on 01603 873100 for our one to one packaging advice.