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Why Bespoke Product Packaging is Just What Your Brand Needs.

24th July 2021

Bespoke packaging is an effective way to market your business’s brand. With many buyers’ habits affected by aesthetics there are massive opportunities to be had by not using standard off the shelf packaging. 

Whilst many may opt for off the shelf packaging for ease and cost constraints it’s actually found that bespoke is often more cost effective as it allows for better protection, maximising distribution and an increase in sales. Better still, all of our packaging is eco friendly, our corrugated boxes are made from a high percentage of recycled paper such as cartons or newspaper, which can be recycled again after they’ve been used.

– First impressions count

Packaging is often the first impression consumers have of your company. Branded packaging can make the difference between shoppers buying your product or opting to buy from your competitor. With social media playing a huge role in buyers’ habits, you’ll find a trend in which influencers are now creating ‘unboxing’ videos and showing off their latest hauls. Getting featured on a well renowned influencer’s social media targeting to your customer base could lead to a huge increase in sales, showing off your brand to thousands if not millions of potential new customers. 

– Less damage and save the planet 

Bespoke packaging means that you can create the perfect box for your products – whether you’re transporting car doors or posting individual eggs within a recipe box, we’re here to help you create the perfect box to fit your item.

Having the correct sized box not only reduces excess material waste, but it also contributes to reducing your business’s carbon footprint – since most boxes are rectangular they can easily and neatly stacked, wasting little space. It also allows for haulage companies to fit more products in fewer vehicles, furthering the difference made to a company’s carbon footprint. 

With more businesses being scrutinised for the impact on the planet, it’s important to take this into consideration across all areas of your business but not least your packaging. Not only is corrugated cardboard made using renewable sources, but most boxes are also not instantly disposed of, consumers often get creative with their uses of packaging with corrugated cardboard due to its versatility and strength. Maybe you could even inspire your customers to reuse the box with the packaging design, we’ve seen many examples of brands using clever designs to create second uses for boxes. 

Always here to help

Now that you know custom packaging isn’t as exclusive as you once thought, it’s time to consider your options. 

Here at ABC we like to run things the old fashioned way, we take the time to learn about your business and your needs. To deliver the perfect packaging for your business we’ll need to learn how you operate and understand your requirements. If you’re feeling confused about how bespoke packaging could help you or would like to discuss what your options are we’re always happy to help, call us today on 01603 873 100.